Thanks to Almax I’ve got a suitable job, which I’m very content with. I’m also grateful for the stability that it gives me. My paycheck always comes on time and the coordinators are happy to help me with everything which is necessary at the time. I’m lucky to work for ALMAX.


I have lived and worked in the Czech Republic since 2012. Almax has been here for me since the very beginning. They are professionals, able to support you and help you, they’re very thorough when it comes to taking care of their clients, the wage comes on time, work conditions are excellent. I also acquired the right to become a permanent resident thanks to Almax. Thank you!


It is essential for foreigners to find a stable job and to get their paycheck on time. I can rely on Almax. They can help you with any sort of problem: overtime work, days off … I am also very happy with my job and my remuneration.


I spent a year working for ALMAX WORK. For performing my job steadily and dutifully I was promoted from among the core employees! Thank you for all your care and your help with settling in the Czech Republic.


I've been working for Almax for two years now, and I'm very happy. The important thing for me is that I am employed officially, that all the taxes and fees are paid properly and that I don’t need to worry about my future.


I have been working in ALMAX WORK for a year and a half. I like my job, it makes me feel important.


I am very satisfied with my job and I feel like I’m in the right place now. There have been problems and always will be, but with the help of Almax, everything can be easily fixed.


Almax got me a job I like. And a great wage!