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ALMAX WORK-Holding is pleased to offer you help regarding getting employees for your business. This method of employment particularly suits companies that do not want to increase the number of their full-time employees but still have skilled and less qualified positions vacant. We have been working in human resources for many years, in Prague, West Bohemia, South Bohemia and Central Bohemia.

How does it work? Our agency takes over the responsibilities associated with the employment of foreigners and sets the personnel and wage agenda for them. The employer commits to pay to the Agency a pre-agreed hourly rate, which consists of the employee's wage, social and health insurance costs, accident insurance reserves and the Agency's margin.

We specialize in the following positions: CNC turners (Fanuk and Haidenhamn programs), miners, milling machine operators, locksmiths, welders, turners, crane operators, sanders, painters, forklift drivers, car mechanics, carpenters, operatives, warehousemen and others.

We are holders of a Permit to Mediate the Employment of MLSA, Ref. 2007 / 71104-412 pursuant to Section 14, Para. a), b) and c) of the Employment Act and MLSA, ref. 2008 / 6249-422 according to the provisions of Section 60, paragraphs 1-6 and Section 14, Para. b) Act. No. 435/2004 Coll. on Employment, as amended.

Service delivery license


We are able to quickly and reliably provide skilled workers to work in various areas of heavy industry such as raw materials, metallurgy, engineering, power engineering and more.

Foundry industry

Our agency is able to provide you with qualified molders. These workers are competent to melt metals, manufacture and nurture foundry molds and cores, service, maintain and repair relevant machines and tools.
We also offer installation of these devices.


In the field of machine production and metal working, we are able to provide qualified personnel for your machine shop or tool shop for the position of turners, milling machiners, machine locksmiths, tool makers or grinders who are fit the work on both standard and numerically controlled machines.
We also offer installation of these devices.

We are able to occupy the position of the manufacturing operator for your company to ensure a part of the production of a particular product on the line, as well as the position of the machine operator for its operation and adjustment.


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