We specialize mostly

in the following occupations


How does it work?

you contact

training follows

you get your wage
in cash

we find you
a suitable job

you take up
the job

Why do people love working with us?

Work contract
that suits you

The type of contract signed between you and us is always suited to your needs. There is not only an employment contract but also the possibility to sign an agreement to complete a job, or an agreement to work.

Your wage in cash, on time

It is entirely up to you whether you prefer to get your payment in cash or into your bank account.

We can help you find
suitable accommodation

We understand what’s important for you. This service of ours tends to be appreciated mostly by those who are heading to the Czech Republic from foreign countries.

Paid training sessions

We know well, that there’s no quality performance without proper training. That’s why you’ll be also paid for the time spent on the job training.

We pay for your health
and social insurance

Don't worry, in the event of incapacity for work you also get your sickness benefits.

Students and mothers can
get a job as well

Neither students nor mothers on parental leave are excluded from the possibility of getting a job. With Almax, everyone has a chance to find a good job.

Almax in numbers

99% success

Currently, we’re 99 %
successful when it comes to finding
our clients a new job.

13 years

That’s the duration of the longest
employment relationship we have arranged.
And still counting.

20+ firms

We have more than 20
cooperating partners from all over
the Czech Republic.

Client Testimonials

Thanks to Almax I’ve got a suitable job, which I’m very content with. I’m also grateful for the stability that it gives me. My paycheck always comes on time and the coordinators are happy to help me with everything which is necessary at the time. I’m lucky to work for ALMAX.


I have lived and worked in the Czech Republic since 2012. Almax has been here for me since the very beginning. They are professionals, able to support you and help you, they’re very thorough when it comes to taking care of their clients, the wage comes on time, work conditions are excellent. I also acquired the right to become a permanent resident thanks to Almax. Thank you!


It is essential for foreigners to find a stable job and to get their paycheck on time. I can rely on Almax. They can help you with any sort of problem: overtime work, days off … I am also very happy with my job and my remuneration.


I spent a year working for ALMAX WORK. For performing my job steadily and dutifully I was promoted from among the core employees! Thank you for all your care and your help with settling in the Czech Republic.



Fair play

We’re aware of the unfortunate fact, that many personnel agencies aren’t quite fair to their employees.

Don't worry, you won't receive such treatment from our company.

We pay
the wages on time,

Our clients
are ALWAYS offered
a long-term cooperation

We pay
you your sick leave

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